"The Power of Uniqueness"

April 19th standing room only program is now online...  


The City of Lake Forest and the Lake Forest Preservation Foundation hosted a standing-room-only program on April 17 at the Lily Reid Holt chapel at Lake Forest College.  The program, titled “The Power of Uniqueness,” was presented by Ed McMahon, Senior Fellow at the Urban Land Institute (Washington DC).  Mr. McMahon is renowned for nationwide presentations and numerous TED talks on the interplay between a city’s economic development and its historic preservation. 

Mayor Schoenheider opened the program by commenting about how fortunate the community is to be home to residents who care passionately about Lake Forest’s unique past and how it can be preserved while planning for the future in a way that engages people of all ages and supports sustainable development. 

After the program, Mr. McMahon entertained questions from the audience.  The City and the Preservation Foundation will continue to work together on sustaining the character of the community and planning for the future.