Train Station Update December 2017

Train Station Interior Renovation: Progress Report

The work is completed on the new restrooms that have been moved into the south wing of the 1900 station, the one-time baggage area.  The restrooms are using the English red clay tiles selected for the waiting room and also the marble baseboards from the original, both found behind the counter in the 1980s-barber shop.  This tile will be employed in the waiting room, ticket area, and entry at the end of the work there. When this is restroom complete, initial access will be from a trackside door only, while City staff undertake the work of disassembling the 1980s-built smaller restrooms south of the waiting room. This old restroom space will become a passageway into the waiting room after this space is rebuilt. 

The waiting room space work already is underway, with the removal recently of the 1980s vertical wainscoting revealing the 1900-original horizontal red-oak plank wainscoting.  As exposed now, it is possible to see what replacement and transition material and work is needed; contractors and architects are being consulted about these points at present.  Work will begin on this during the cold-weather months, and the City plans to use the original north or Ladies’, waiting room, while the south or men’s waiting room is under construction. 

Since Preservation’s annual fund campaign last year, and including Presevation’s match from funds in hand of $25,000, nearly $100,000 has been raised for the work of rehabilitating the waiting room, ticket area, and entry—floor, walls, benches, lighting, and display arrangements. It is too early to tell if this amount will be adequate to meet the costs of the wainscoting restoration work, while specifications still are pending.  The guide through all this is the 2009 Historic Structure Report, funded by Preservation and available under Education & Advocacy, then Accomplishments.