111 West Westminster Road

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Original architect: 
Phiip Lippincott Goodwin
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Designed by New York architect Philip Lippincott Goodwin, The Noble Brandon Judah Estate Manor House was built as part of a 40-acre Green Bay Road estate. It received the nation's highest honor when it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in August 1990.  The estate was subdivided many years ago, but it still has a "sense of place" because of its open configuration of residential outbuildings and new construction.

The meticulously restored manor house is an outstanding example of French Renaissance Revival style.  All the buildings have a stylistic unity created by warm-tones, rough-faced limestone, patterned brick, half-timbering, and steep flared-hip or mansard roofs.  The gardens, which have been restored, are a primary example of 17th century French landscape design.