797 Sheridan Road

Year of award: 
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Year built: 
1867, 1859
Restoration architect: 
Door Thirteen Architecture

 797 North Sheridan Road is really two separate buildings combined into one.  The Barnum House was built for Samuel Ezra Barnum in 1867.  The Wright store was built in 1859 at the northeast corner of Deerpath and Western andwas made a lame duck as early as 1860 when D.R. Holt said he would not build his house if there were any retail stores on the east side of the tracks.The retail store moved to the west side of Western, and Barnum reportedly moved the building and combined it with the house in 1867.  The current owners worked with Door Thirteen Architecture to restore various interior and exterior elements of both structures, including reconstructing the front porch to its original open design.