882 North Church Street

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Geudtner & Melichar Architects/Clifford Miller - Landscape

When the owners decided to add a new two-car garage to their stucco-finished, vernacular house, they wanted a structure that looked like a garden pavilion in an appropriate garden setting.  They were inspired by a building and landscape they had seen in Kensington Gardens, London, England.  The challenge to Geudtner & Melichar Architects was to design the new garage and its setting so that it complemented both the owners' home and the Church of the Holy Spirit next door, which has a large presence in the owners' rear yard.  A garden wall was added, incorporating materials that integrate it with both properties.  Glassy overhead garage doors give the appearance of French doors opening to a pavilion.  The scale of the garage and the wall is proportionately low to serve as a backdrop to a beautiful sunken garden.