999 North Sheridan Road

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Paul Janicki

The Clarence Mitchell House was completed just in time for the stock market crash of 1929, and the Mitchells had to sell their home before moving in.  The house was purchased by the current owners in 1992.  To ensure authenticity, they researched its history thoroughly prior to beginning their restoration project.  Under careful supervision, every detail was executed from landscaping to roof repair to hardware.  The exterior colors were rstored to those shown in a 1931 issue of National Geographic Magazine.

Three hundred original roof tiles were found in the basement and used for restoring the clay tile roof. New leaded-coated copper downspouts were made to match the originals.  The 1928 heating and bathroom fixtures were restored and reinstalled.  The existing original light fixtures were restored, and seventy-six antique fixtures were restored and installed to replace missing originals.  All old window glass was saved, and cracked and broken glass was replaced with old glass.

In addition to such meticulous restoration thorughout the house, the renovated kitchen and family room, designed by architect Paul Janicki, are true to the original architecture.