Lake Forest Restoration and Renovation 101

Sunday, March 22, 2015
2 - 4 PM

On Sunday, March 22, the Lake Forest Preservation Foundation will sponsor a panel presentation and discussion about the processes for modifying properties in Lake Forest, aimed at de-mystifying the steps in accomplishing this. 

Experienced, expert panelists from various perspectives will present nutshell summaries on City permitting and approvals, potential property and income tax incentives for historic properties, and the advantages of working with expert professionals—architects, etc.  Finally, a homeowner with considerable experience in living with and making adjustments to an historic property will comment from personal experience. 

The target audience for this program includes all property owners thinking about possible changes, realtors who advise clients on the efficacy of making alterations to properties before they buy them, and professionals who work with local clients on changes.   

The panel, moderated by Arthur Miller, will include Lake Forest City Director of Community Development  Cathy Czerniak, Landmarks Illinois expert on tax incentives Suzanne Germann, and architect and former Lake Forest City review groups member Guy Berg.  There will be time for formal questions and discussion followed by an informal reception.   


This event is free, but registration is required.

Call 847-234-1230 or email at