LFPF Announces Lake Forest High School Scholarship

We are proud to announce a new scholarship program for high school students graduating in June 2020: The Lake Forest Preservation Foundation Scholarship.

The scholarship is intended to help create greater awareness of and interest in preserving the tradition and beauty of Lake Forest, asking students to share how Lake Forest resonates with them and why showing consideration for the historical roots of our town is important.

“We are excited to learn the perspectives on preservation from our Lake Forest youth,” said Elizabeth Abbattista, the leader of the new initiative for the LFPF. “We hope this platform encourages more student awareness of preservation in Lake Forest. We want them to learn from us, teach us, and partner with us to ensure the continuity of our mission.”

The $1,000 scholarship will be offered in Spring of 2020. Students will submit visual images, which reference one of Lake Forest’s historically recognized buildings, homes, streetscapes or neighborhoods. Entries should convey why the LFPF mission and vision are important. Entries are due by March 16, 2020.

The Lake Forest Preservation Foundation is dedicated to the stewardship, safeguarding, and endurance of our exceptional architectural and landscape legacy for succeeding generations.

“We look forward to seeing how students, especially upon high school graduation, will reflect on the many ways living in Lake Forest is an important part of their childhood and has grounded them for their future,” said Abbattista.

For more information about the Lake Forest Preservation Foundation, visit www.LFPF.org. For more information about the LFHS scholarship, visit www.lakeforestschools.org/schools/lfhs/ student-services/college-career-counseling/scholarships.