Our Organization

"Vibrant historic communities are places where generations meet and learn from each other. They’re infused with the richness of the past, an abiding appreciation for the present, and a palpable sense of optimism about the future."

—David Brown

Through continuous dedication to the preservation of the historic visual character of Lake Forest, the Lake Forest Preservation Foundation:

  • Encourages and aids the restoration and preservation of historic sites, structures, landscapes and amenities of the community
  • Presents educational programs and publishes newsletters to increase knowledge and awareness of Lake Forest’s historic resources
  • Observes City meetings in order to assist with preservation issues
  • Conducts research, surveys, and studies related to historic preservation
  • Recognizes projects in the community that contribute to the visual character of Lake Forest through our annual presentation of Historic Preservation Awards

By focusing on the City’s integrity, beauty and historic character, we help ensure that future generations will continue to value, appreciate and enjoy Lake Forest.

Our Mission

The Lake Forest Preservation Foundation is dedicated to the stewardship, safeguarding, and endurance of our exceptional architectural and landscape legacy for succeeding generations, through public education, historic preservation and advocacy.

Our Vision

A community sharing a commitment to preserving the historic visual character of Lake Forest.

Our Key Beliefs

  • We believe in the preservation of the historic visual character of Lake Forest.
  • We believe that education is essential to create an awareness and appreciation of the historic resources of Lake Forest.
  • We believe development of Lake Forest should be sensitive to its surroundings.
  • We believe in the integrity and excellence of architecture.

Our Activities

We educate, advocate, and fund for preservation of the City’s historic visual character.