128 Wildwood Road

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Original architect: 
Alex Kelley
Year built: 

This two-story home was built in 1920 by Alex Kelley, a Scot who had his construction business nearby at 169 Wildwood Road.  By the 1970s, this was the home of retired Gorton School teacher Miss Edna Kelley, Alex's daughter.  It is now the home of another descendant of Mr. Kelley.  The owners recently completed a renovation of the front portico, which has been awarded a Rehabilitation Award.  A previous non-original porch enclosure was removed and new wood columns were reinstated to reproduce the original open portico design. This house, along with several other houses on the block, is representative of the Wildwood neighborhood's early 20th Century, all-brick, central-hall plan, Georgian Revival houses.  All are unchanged on the street facade and give a sense of unity to the street without being repetitious.