1310 North Lake Road

Year of award: 
Award category: 
Original architect: 
Davis Adler, Landscape Architect, Ferruccio Vitale c. 1927
Year built: 
19-9 & 1931-32
Restoration architect: 
Craig Bergmann

~~The gardens of the Mrs. Kersey Coates Reed House are across Lake Road from the Georgian mansion to which they originally belonged. The estate was built in 1931 for Mrs. Kersey Coates Reed, daughter of Marshall Field & Co. President, John Shedd and sister of Mrs. Charles Schweppe, by David Adler with his interior designer sister, Francis Elkins, as a summer retreat from Chicago. Landscape architect Ferruccio Vitale designed the gardens in 1927, four years before David Adler began work on the Reed estate house.  The gardens were created on the footprint of Abram Poole’s Elsinore Gardens of the 1880’s. Vitale’s gardens featured a round pool and a brick niche with a bronze figure by Sylvia Shaw Judson (Howard Van Doren Shaw’s daughter). The grand lane entered through the wrought iron gate connected the estate house with the tennis house, tennis courts and guest house built in 1929.  Confronted with the design dilemma of a narrow site for the home between the bluff’s edge and Lake Road, David Adler employed the lane to create the grand vista for the estate. The distinctive features of the grand middle lane, round pool and sculpture niche are still visible today.  With this project all of the gardens’ significant elements were completely restored and reconstructed by Craig Bergmann.