20 South Mayflower Road

Year of award: 
Award category: 
Preservation and Rehabilitation
Original architect: 
David Adler
Year built: 
Restoration architect: 
The Poulton Group, Ltd.

This single family home is a remarkably well-preserved historic Georgian-Style residence designed by David Adler. Built for the Wheelers in 1934 on land that was once part of the Mrs. Cyrus McCormick estate, this residence balances classical proportions with a comfortable scale. Adler situated the Wheeler house in a clearing near the 1916 McCormick teahouse, to which the design pays homage. Although the architecture of the house is based on Georgian precedents, many oriental details can be found throughout the house, including the west entry facade that features a strikingly picturesque Asian influenced entry porch and delicate plaster detailing between the dining and living rooms.

The residence is typical of a 1934 home designed in a classic county-estate style, with a floor plan and layout suited to housing service staff on site. In order to make the house more conducive to today’s lifestyle, the owners worked with The Poulton Group, Ltd., to add a two-car attached garage and back entry/mud room to the original servant’s wing of the building. The kitchen and bathrooms were also renovated. The addition was designed and constructed with the same high-quality materials and craftsmanship as the original house. All details were meticulously duplicated, including the use of solid masonry walls, handcrafted windows and clay-tiled roof. This home has been awarded both a Preservation Award and a Rehabilitation Award in recognition of the owners’ careful stewardship of the property, as well as for the sensitivity with which the new additions and alterations were carried out.