440 East Wisconsin Avenue

Year of award: 
Award category: 
Original architect: 
Howard Van Doren Shaw
Year built: 
Restoration architect: 
Rocco Fiore & Sons (landscape)

This Howard Van Doren Shaw house was built in 1922 as a summer residence for J. O. Hinckley. In 2007 Laura and Fred Fellows purchased the property. Original materials were meticulously researched and replaced in kind. Mercury glass window panes, no longer available here, were imported from England. The home’s exterior sand finish stucco was carefully repaired but not washed lest the near century old patina be lost. The focal point of the restoration is a sunken English garden and patio. Set below two massive elms, the decaying bluestone garden and patio surfaces were removed, cement repoured and stone reset. A fountain, which had not operated in years, was rebuilt and a bronze statue of a playful girl skips atop the bubbling water.