Lake Forest Academy 1500 West Kennedy Road

Year of award: 
Award category: 
New Construction/Infill Award
Original architect: 
Peter Witmer, Witmer Associates
Year built: 

Lake Forest Academy’s campus since 1948 and growing from the ca. 1910 estate buildings of Mellody Farm, the J. O. Armour estate, is centered on the stunning and historic Armour mansion by Arthur Heun. Buildings north of this extensive main house have developed since the 1990s, and in this decade two impressive postmodern buildings are the Reyes Family Science Hall and the Reid-Anderson Student Union, both by Peter Witmer, Witmer Associates who also has done the current master plan.  The Reyes and Reid-Anderson buildings stand out as respectfully compatible with the former house (Reid Hall) and the 1970 modern addition by Walter Netsch, but postmodern in touch with current style and roof lines.