Middlefork Bridge

Year of award: 
Award category: 
New Coonstruction/Infill
Original architect: 
Phil Hurst, Civitech
Year built: 

This project reconstructed a modern pedestrian bridge in place of the long-removed bridge that once crossed the railroad tracks along the entry road to the J. O. Armour estate, now Lake Forest Academy. Construction of the bridge provides a link to development west of Lake Forest Academy with the Middlefork trail system. Spearheaded by Lake County Forest Preserves, the project was in partnership with the City of Lake Forest and multiple donors, including Elizabeth and Richard Uihlein, Lake Forest Academy, the Lake Forest Open Land Association, The Chicago Bears, Lake Forest Bank & Trust, and John and Paula Lillard. This project restored pedestrian connectivity. The new modern steel bridge fits within the remaining original Arthur Heun designed bridge abutments.