Waukegan Road / Deer Path Road

Year of award: 
Award category: 
Original architect: 
Stanley Anderson
Year built: 
Restoration architect: 
Jim Opsitnik



The Deerpath Hill Estates subdivision was developed in 1926 by Henry Turnbull. The original stone and slate entry gates to the subdivision at Deerpath and King Muir Roads, and also at Melody and Waukegan Road, were originally designed by Stanley Anderson.  In late 2011, Jim Opsitnik, owner of a home in Deerpath Hill Estates, noticed that the stone pillars at the subdivision’s Mellody Road entrance were in dire need of repair.  After unsuccessfully seeking help from the State of Illinois, he undertook the repairs himself, hiring masons to complete the work.  The formula of the original mortar was replicated to tuckpoint the stonework and the slate roofs were completely restored.  Mr. Opsitnik’s repairs were the catalyst that led the City of Lake Forest and the Lake Forest Preservation Foundation to partner on restoration of the main gates at Deerpath and King Muir Roads, each sharing half the cost. 

The partnership was renewed again in 2013 when the historic entrance gates to the North King Muir subdivision at Waukegan Road and Castlegate Court were restored.  A neighborhood group sponsored a “Save the Castlegate Gates” fundraiser to raise money.  The City again funded half the cost, with the other half coming from neighborhood donations and the LFPF’s Annual Fund.  Mr. Opsitnik again oversaw completion of the project.  Both projects have been a great example of what a public-private partnership can accomplish.