Tour of Architecture and Art - Lake Forest Library

Sunday, November 17, 2019
1:30-3:30 PM - Free Tour & Lecture


Lake Forest’s award-winning town library opened in 1931 in the depths of the Depression following the 1929 Crash.  A memorial donation from the Reed and Schweppe families, the building is an exquisite example of conservative modernism, contemporary with Lake Forest’s Post Office, 1932, by Morphett & Milman, and Washington DC’s Folger Library, 1931, by Paul Cret. The Library presents as a classic country house in a Jeffersonian Federalist style.  In an era when $10 could buy what $100 had purchased in 1929, it was stocked with outstanding newly-bespoke and collected art, managed with careful stewardship in recent decades as its significance has been appreciated.  Notable are its 1931 rotunda murals by Nikolai Remisoff, its rare original early 19th century Audubon Havel elephant-folio water bird plates, and its ca. 1930 estate renderings and plans by the Foundation for Architecture and Landscape Architecture.  

This free event lead by local historian Arthur Miller will explore the building’s original 1931 “conservative modernism” and Art Deco interior design detail and 1977 Miesian International Style wings and its art. 

Space is limited and reservations are requested.  2:30 Tour only.  Please register for this event by emailing